Wallpaper Installation Cost

If you’re planning to have contemporary, stunning walls at home, putting up wallpaper in your room or on just an accent wall is an excellent alternative to painting. Wallpaper is a unique element to living rooms, bedrooms, and other rooms, and a powerful statement of your taste. If you’re searching for a wallpaper installation cost guide, you’re on the right page.

Average Cost To Install Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper costs around $310 to $775, or roughly $527 on average. The labor cost to install wallpaper ranges from $1 to $7 per square foot. The expense can be more excessive if the wallpaper specialists must do some surface repair on your wall. Also, the type of wallpaper you pick, your walls’ sizes, and if you have to remove old wallpaper are the leading factors in calculating the total cost.

Hanging Wallpaper Cost Per Square Foot

You’ll pay anywhere from $1 to $7 per square foot to hang wallpaper. The customized paper starts at approximately $5 per square foot and can increase to $100+ if you ask for a fancy design. You often purchase wallpaper by the roll, not by the square foot.

Hanging Wallpaper Cost Per Roll

On average, it costs $25 to $35 to hang a good, ordinary single roll of wallpaper. A typical roll is 28-30 square feet. 

But wallpaper is also produced in double rolls, which are between 56 and 60 square feet. In this case, you can expect to spend $30-50 in labor costs on a simple double roll.

More intricate designs and higher quality paper will be more expensive.

Factors Affecting Installation Wallpaper Costs

Type Of Wallpaper

The material is one of the factors that can influence the installation expense. Each material has a different price, offering a distinct look and approach to the room.

Generally, average-priced wallpapers will run between $20 and $50 per roll, though these vary depending on the material, type, and brand. If you’re wondering about specific wallpaper prices, look at the approximate costs below.

Wallpaper Material Cost:


Material Per Roll Per Square Foot
Vinyl Wallpaper $60 – 80 $1.76 – 2.33
Vinyl-Coated Wallpaper $58 – 78 $1.67 – 2.23
Vinyl-Coated Fabric Wallpaper $90 – 105 $2.50 – 3
Grasscloth Wallpaper $80 – 125 $2.90 – 4.50
Foil Wallpaper $75 – 95 $2.14 – 2.71


Wallpaper Type Cost:


Type of Wallpaper Per Single Roll
Peel and Stick Wallpaper $20 – 45
Pre-Pasted Wallpaper $20 – 80
Printed Wallpaper $30 – 50


Wallpaper Brand Cost:

  • Gracie Wallpaper Cost – These are hand-painted wallpapers and run about $175 per roll.
  • Thibaut Wallpaper Cost – Thibaut is famous for pattern, vinyl, and performance models in different colours and prints, and costs around $35 to $90 per roll
  • Phillip Jeffries Wallpaper Cost – Phillip Jeffries specializes in natural materials such as raffias and grasses and runs about $25 to $150 per roll.

Dimension Of The Wall

Another factor that you must take into account is the size of the wall. The wall measurements decide how many rolls are needed and the time it takes to put up. It will help with the cost estimate of the overall project.

A roll is typically enough to cover 30 square feet. The larger the wall, the more paper you need; hence, the higher the installation cost.

However, installing wallpaper in rooms with many windows, doors, cabinets, and built-in closets will be more difficult, and therefore more expensive.

Wall Condition

The condition of your walls is also a significant factor. If an existing wallpaper has to be removed or your walls have a rough texture, you must buff that before installing new wallpaper. How much wallpaper must be removed and how demanding the task is will add to the total expense of wallpaper installation.

If you wish to reduce the wallpapering project cost, you can prep your damaged walls, including filling or fixing any cracks, and cleaning and scrubbing them before the paper installation.

DIY Installation Vs Professional Installation

Going for the DIY method is the obvious choice if you need to cut expenditures. But a sizeable wallpapering project might be more satisfactory if fulfilled by professional wallpaper hangers, mainly if you don’t possess all the tools required to do the task properly.

An installation project done properly may take hours and cost a lot, however, when it is done correctly the wallpaper can last several years. So if you’re going to take on the task yourself, make sure you do your research and obtain all the correct supplies. But better yet, let a professional installer hang wallpaper in your home.

Looking For Wallpaper Installers?

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