How To Choose Wallpaper For Living Room

When designing a wall space, various elements and tools help you add colour, texture, pattern, and depth to a room. And wallpapers are an ideal way to provide the space with that unique touch that it lacks. Here are some suggestions and expert tips for choosing the right wallpaper for your living room.

Which Wall Should I Wallpaper?

Where you want to apply the wallpaper is crucial since it will need good planning and selection. Wallpaper can be installed to divide or accentuate wall space separated by built-ins.

Entire Room

Applying wallpaper on the entire room suggests that the tone or pattern can become extreme, so you need a more subtle pattern and coloring when wallpapering all four walls.

Accent Wall

Some living rooms already have a focal point like a fireplace mantle, a big window with a view, or large artwork. The wallpaper should only optimize that room and not become an overpowering addition. In such a case, you can wallpaper a single accent or feature wall and paint the rest that will complement the décor and style of the room.

Regardless of your decision, always consider other areas of the room that could also reap the benefits of the application, including ceilings, doors, or fireplace faces.

Wallpaper Ideas For a Living Room

Selecting the right wallpaper design is not a simple task. Because there are different types of wallpaper for every room, choosing the one whose design best suits your living room is vital. Several factors to consider for your living room wallpaper are color, style, textures, and pattern.

Material Of Wallpaper

Depending on the wallpaper’s materials, you can create various impressions and compositions. The primary materials from which wallpaper is made are:

  • Non-woven wallpapers – easy to hang and easy to remove
  • Vinyl (i.e., paper-backed, PVC, or solid vinyl wallpapers) – most commonly used because of its high durability
  • Traditional wallpaper – just made of paper and always needs glue

More delicate materials must be utilized for rooms that won’t encounter too much damage and are not in high-traffic areas.

Pick Your Colour

Colour sets the mood in a room. Choose a color according to the room’s scheme, or highlight the wall in a contrasting shade.

To make a room look bigger and wider, choose wallpapers with a lighter, pastel shade. Light colors invoke coolness, while dark colors are dramatic, making the walls recede. Warm colors like red, yellow, and orange create a lively and uplifting ambiance in your living space. If you usually entertain, try out vibrant and exciting shades rather than cool hues like blue and green that generate a serene feeling in a room.

Opt for colors from the color palette of the rest of your décor. Furniture with dark finishes, like mahogany, stands out against light colors. And dark or intense shades bring out the lightness of wood furniture.

Maximize The Lighting

If the room receives a good amount of natural light, go for wallpaper with a light or neutral color pattern. In a space that is not as well-lit, a shiny metallic wallpaper will make a space feel brighter, reflecting light for a dazzling and gleaming effect. Furthermore, consider patterns with smooth surfaces, which reflect almost all light.

Complement The Style You Want

Stick to a concept and style when choosing wallpaper. Consider a wallpaper style that matches and mimics the living room’s design aesthetic.

  • Formal = damasks, large-scale patterns
  • Glam = embossed, flocked, crystal, reflective, or glittery patterns
  • Casual = plant, floral or textured print
  • Country = plaid, gingham, or country motif
  • Rustic = textured, plaid, wildlife pattern
  • Victorian = floral damasks           
  • Contemporary/Modern = geometric, abstract design
  • Romantic = damasks, florals

Check Out Textured Wallpaper

Textured wallpaper provides a range of design purposes. Wallpapers with texture can hide flaws or imperfections, or architectural deformities. They also add an extra dimension, textural interest, and character, and warm the space.

Play With Wallpaper Patterns

A plain wallpaper presents a subtle visual break for a densely decorated space. Patterned wallpapers can have tactile surfaces and mirror a material’s look, including wood, fabric, leather, and marble. However, they can be effective only if you pick suitable patterns.

A large-patterned wallpaper appears more dramatic and makes a small room feel more relaxing. You may apply a small patterned paper in a space with many windows, doors, and wall hangings, as smaller-scale patterns create a feeling of spaciousness. Large prints look best in a larger room, while small-scale patterns work well for smaller rooms.

Repeated patterns are another incredible illusion of making a space appear bigger than it really is.

Stripes can also do wonders. Vertical stripes can deliver the optical illusion of a higher ceiling. Similarly, horizontal stripes can make a room feel more expansive. Whatever your choice is, a lovely striped wallpaper is excellent for an accent wall.

Looking For The Right Wallpaper For Your Living Room?

When you follow our tips, choosing a beautiful wallpaper for your rooms is a breeze. Transform a simple living room, dining room, or hallway into an eye-catching space with the proper wallpaper application and with the help of professional Wallpaper Installation Toronto.

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